Tuesday, 1 October 2013

From the start...

When two people know the same facts it is easy to talk about a topic because they both understand the information. But what about the people who don't know the topic in the same detail but do share interest and passion for the subject?

Communication is sharing information, and doing this well means that everyone can understand the same topic to the same level. As Laurance Donnelly wrote in 2008; to transfer knowledge well requires the use of non-technical language because otherwise the message may get misunderstood. It may also put people off   the topic because they will remember it as some boring conversation that they had once about something that didn't at all relate to them. Donnelly's suggestion to change this is to provide undergraduates with the tools for effective communication to improve the understanding of geology between scientists, the media and the general public. And so that is what this blog will be.

The overall aim is to provide regular commentary on academic articles, media reports and  internet posts to communicate geoscience issues to the general public. I hope that the end result will be a better understanding and appreciation of communication in geoscience, and you the reader will enjoy what you read here and it might even fuel an interest in geology which you will further in the future.

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